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Wicked Game- April 2024

In a groundbreaking fusion of genres, the multi-talented artist T-FINNY is set to release a captivating cover of Chris Isaak's timeless classic "Wicked Game." This reimagined rendition promises to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a fresh take on a beloved song that has stood the test of time.

Known for his distinctive blend of synth-pop, dream pop, and electric guitar, T-FINNY brings a unique and innovative approach to this iconic track. His sultry vocals intertwine seamlessly with the shimmering synth melodies and electrifying guitar riffs, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape that is both modern and nostalgic.

"I've always been a huge fan of 'Wicked Game,' and I wanted to pay homage to this incredible song while adding my own creative spin to it," says T-FINNY. "I've infused it with my signature sound, blending elements of synth-pop and dream pop to create something that feels both familiar and fresh."

T-FINNY's cover of "Wicked Game" is a testament to his artistic versatility and his ability to breathe new life into classic tracks. With its infectious rhythms, haunting melodies, and evocative lyrics, this reimagined version is sure to resonate with both longtime fans of the original and new listeners alike.


After Party- August 2023

"The feel good summer song which was worth the wait"

After Party is the tenth song that T-FINNY has released and it was intended to be the final song of the summer. 

After teasing it to his loyal fans for over two years, the long awaited single that was executive produced by Timothy Coakley and mixed by Shane Lance, was finally released on August 11, 2023 with an official music video premiere, shot by Mikey Rocha of Dynomike Productions.

A true testament of T-FINNY's diversity as an artist, the single is meant to excite fans, and elude to what the artist has planned.

A perfect blend of his newer pop productions and his older rap flow and lyricism, T-FINNY has made it known that this is the kind of music that fans should expect moving forward. 

Click on the cover to see what all the hype is about!


Eyes Were Blue - July 2023

The "accidental hit". A three way collab between Tal Finberg (T-FINNY), Brandon Lipman (illgorythmz) and Brian Seltzer (Seltzr). 


Many describe this one as a combination of Glass Animals, Phoenix, Mike Posner, and Miike Snow. 

This song was born on a limb after a session in Lipman's innergy records studio. T-FINNY and illgorythmz were working on the Sing U 2 Sleep remix, when seltzr came in and was introduced to FINNY. 


When hearing his vocals on the remix, seltzr mentioned that him and illgorythmz started a project that could use some vocals. After playing the demo that would later become the bones of the beat, T-FINNY almost instantly began singing the melody that starts with "Your eyes were blue, like the ocean..." and the three dove into this masterpiece for the next seven months on a weekly basis. 


All three artists are very proud of this record and continue to have high hopes and praise, as they have seen the massive reception by the public and even media, as multiple blogs, newspapers, radio stations, and social media influencers have been clinging to this one. 


Click on the cover to hear it for yourself!  

eyes image.jpg

Sing U 2 Sleep (illgorythmz remix) - May 2023

Long time friends T-FINNY (Tal Finberg) and illgorythmz (Brandon Lipman) had lost touch since high school, but reconnected nine years later, when the two musicians decided to collaborate on a house project.


T-FINNY, an indie pop producer, and illgorythmz, an electronic producer joined forces to blend their unique skills and make an unforgettable remix of the original song from one month prior. 

When asked about it in a press release, both artists giggle and say that the track had come such a long way that T-FINNY needed to release the original track merely as a reference. 

Of course, fans across the world are extremely happy with the decision to release both and the two friends have promised to release more collaborative projects soon.


Sugar Pie - March 2023

Determined not to repeat mistakes of the past, T-FINNY did not wait long to release his second single of 2023. 

In collaboration with long-time mentor and friend, Timothy Coakley, the pair of artists introduced a hot new single that has caught the attention of many music lovers, artists, bloggers, independent labels, and music curators world-wide.


The artist took the initiative to go on his Instagram story and thank his fans on March 10, 2023 saying,

"I want to thank each and every one of my listeners, fans, and supporters for the love you have shown on this last single. We are only getting started, but this response is amazing. I am completely overwhelmed and I am so excited to keep sharing this art with you."


New York City Night - April 2021

T-FINNY followed up with a second single, almost an entire year after "Smoke n Drive." 

With numerous demos under his belt, and many productions to pick from, the new artist, who was still playing college hockey at the time, decided to drop another collaboration with the two producers from Mixtape Seoul, eager to re-target his young audience, and show them that the first single was not a one-hit wonder, but in fact there are plenty more to come.

The laidback, indie soul/rnb track landed the group a few placements on playlists such as: Vokall Records' Dinner Chill Music and Mahogany's Alt playlist.

This earned the emerging musician some attention in the music world, but right around that time, the athlete was offered an opportunity of a lifetime, to sign a one-year contract, with a professional hockey team and live one of his lifelong dreams. 

Music had to be put on hold... or so everyone thought...


Dancing in the Dark- November 2023

The final song of T-FINNY's 2023 solo debut and a powerfully personal song about unrequited love. 

Written back in 2016, this self-produced, emotionally moving single, has four different versions, but through a vote within his private community of die-hard fans, the final version was chosen and released on November 8, 2023. 

A story about the roller-coaster of feelings that a person feels when seeing their former significant other, happy with someone else. 

"Even if you selfishly wish they were feeling the same as you, you still want them to be happy" - T-FINNY in an interview with AFX Radio (London, UK) 

Click the image of the cover to learn more!


Summertime Fake Fling- July 2023

The completion of a three song collaboration between T-FINNY and Mixtape Seoul. 

This song was primarily written and recorded in Providence, RI around the same time the other two songs on the E.P (Smoke n Drive & New York City Night) were written and recorded.

Originally, the group of artists had planned to release the E.P in the summer of 2021,  but T-FINNY decided to re-write part of the song and mysteriously stepped away from releasing music for an unannounced period of time, leaving the song incomplete and therefore unfit to publish. 

In an effort to make up for his sudden disappearance, T-FINNY released the entire E.P independently, in the midst of his successful re-branding as an up and coming artist and producer, and still included the Canadian duo in an even royalty split as well as leaving their goup name on the cover of the E.P and singles.

The single now headlines the E.P that T-FINNY re-mixed and re-mastered to re-release together. The project has that funky vibe to it, that reminds fans who have been following the NJ artist for a couple years of an older sound and a younger FINNY. 


Click on the cover to hear it for yourself!  


Arizona Iced Tea - June 2023

A Captivating Musical Journey exploring the complexities of friendship and love

"Arizona Iced Tea by T-FINNY,  is a compelling track which takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, delving into the intricate dynamics between friends who yearn for something more but fear risking their precious bond. With an impeccable blend of soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics penned by Tal Finberg, and mesmerizing production by award winning producer Kiyoto, "Arizona Iced Tea" is set to captivate music enthusiasts around the globe.

Inspired by personal experiences and real-life stories, T-FINNY's "Arizona Iced Tea" was recorded in Providence, RI when he was still in college, but so beautifully encapsulates the inherent complexities and dilemmas that arise when friends find themselves caught between friendship and romance, that the artist did not want to release it "too soon" A mix of hip/hop, pop, indie soul, and jazz makes this song a unique and pleasant experience for a variety of fans.

"Arizona Iced Tea" marks another milestone in T-FINNY's blossoming career. Known for his ability to create music that resonates deeply with audiences, T-FINNY has consistently impressed listeners with their authentic storytelling and soulful performances. This release reaffirms their commitment to producing heartfelt and relatable music that evokes a range of emotions.

As T-FINNY continues to captivate fans worldwide, his meteoric rise in the indie music space shows no signs of slowing down.


Sing U 2 Sleep - April 2023

A song that was born on the acoustic guitar about being afraid to fall in love while chasing a dream. When asked about the production, T-FINNY likes to explain that when him and long-time friend and mentor Timothy Coakley had been sitting in his studio, the two artists were listening to a lot of electro-pop groups such as Empire of the Sun and Milky Chance. Feeling inspired, T-FINNY picked up the guitar and played this song he had written, and immediately they knew what their next project was.


The goal was to take the listener into a dream state, but keep the original acoustic element. 

"I had heard Milky's (Milky Chance) Stolen Dance and Empire of the Sun's We are the people; I was in such awe that I wanted to emulate that sound to the best of my ability. "

Released on April 28, 2023, Sing U 2 Sleep is definitely the most experimental project that T-FINNY has decided to share with his audience, but that signature chill vibe continues to remain at the forefront of Track #3

IMG_5615 (1).jpg

Rinse Cycle Repeat - Jnauary 2023

Almost two years after the hype wore off from his last collaboration, T-FINNY shocked the world, with announcing that he had officially re-branded from FINNY to T-FINNY, and had completely retired from professional sports in order to pursue his next goal, becoming a full-time musician. 

Many thought that he was done, and like so many young artists, the musician had given up, but were shocked to learn that while he was playing professional hockey, the aspiring artist connected with the incredibly talented producer Timothy Coakley who quickly became a mentor to him.

As he polished his skills and continued to learn, T-FINNY continued to write and make music under the radar. 

On January 6, 2023 the multi-genre artist and producer released his first self-produced project about escaping the mundane 9-5 job that he took on after hockey, to sustain and support his pursuit of yet another dream. The indie artist quickly caught the likes of many young entrepreneurs and independent artists around the world.


Smoke N Drive - June 2020

T-FINNY's first single was a collaboration with Canadian Producers, Noden and Chillingcat of Mixtape Seoul. After countless demos, the group of artists decided to same-day drop 

the song, introducing FINNY to Mixtape Seoul's audience.


The feel good, summer song, caught some attention around Johnson & Wales University, the college he was attending at the time, and validated the young artist's talent and pursuit of a music career.

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